« Knutange » is a temporary title for a book project.

What is Knutange ? It’s a small city located in Lorraine, France, and this is where my grand-mother is living.
During WWII, Lorraine was occupied by the Nazi, and at this time my grand-mother was deported in Silesia (Poland) and later in Germany, around Salzgitter city.


April 2022
Still gathering informations concerning the « Malgré-Nous ». The writting got delayed lately due to personal concerns.

December 2021
Gathering informations is now done ! I collected a lot of data, as well as photographies from WWII.
Recorded testimonies are retranscribed. I already have 50 pages of writting.

August 2021
I visited her during Summer 2021 to record her memories, as well as the ones of her cousin Thérèse, who also witnessed the Occupation.
The outcome should be a small book of 100 pages.

I am currently working on gathering more informations. The idea is to complete this project for the end of 2022.