« Knutange » is a temporary title for a book project.

What is Knutange ? It’s a small city located in Lorraine, France, and this is where my grand-mother is living.
During WWII, Lorraine was occupied by the Nazi, and at this time my grand-mother was deported in Silesia (Poland) and later in Germany, around Salzgitter city.


December 2022
A lot of informations from books and family archives were gathered in Summer and Autumn. I’ve finally started the writting of the 3rd version. It might take quite some times, regarding the amount of things I want to write there. But it’s for the best !

April 2022

Still gathering informations concerning the « Malgré-Nous ». The writting got delayed lately due to personal concerns.

December 2021
Gathering informations is now done ! I collected a lot of data, as well as photographies from WWII.
Recorded testimonies are retranscribed. I already have 50 pages of writting.

August 2021
I visited her during Summer 2021 to record her memories, as well as the ones of her cousin Thérèse, who also witnessed the Occupation.
The outcome should be a small book of 100 pages.

I am currently working on gathering more informations. The idea is to complete this project for the end of 2022.