iMissTrance, what is this ?

iMissTrance is my Youtube channel where I share some of my trance compilations.
Since I am a heavy trance addict, I’ve listened to a lot of trance mixes (throught Youtube or from CDs I’ve bought) but in those compilations, there are always that one track you don’t like and ruin your global experience.
Naturally, I came to the conclusion that the best way to fully enjoy a compilation is to mix your own compilations.

Also, there were times when listening to a track, I was thinking : « this one would fit very well in a compilation, I would mix it with this and that… ».

So I ended up creating my own channel. Basically noone pays attention to it, but I’m ok with that. I enjoy a lot doing these mixes, it might sound weird since trance is such an energic music (not as much as you think, though), but I take it as a relaxing hobby.

If you are not accustomed to electronic music, or barely know about it, I suggest you to give it a try. Trance may not be the easiest music to get introduced, but once you dig into it, you will get rewarded.
If you are already a connoisseur, then happy trancing !

IMT10 – Space Odyssey

A new mix filled with space vibes ! Finally got the opportunity to insert ‘Space Shuffle – Chaos’ and one of my all times favorite tracks ‘Passenger – F.A.H.’

IMT09 – A Trip to Frankfurt (Subway Mix)

This is the second part of my tribute to Frankfurt Beat Production label.
More ambient, psychedelic and acid oriented, this is the dark side of the label.

IMT08 – A Trip to Frankfurt (Dreaming Mix)

This is the first part of my tribute to Frankfurt Beat Production label.
I selected my favorite hard trance, progressive trance tracks from the label. There is something really special and unique about Frankfurt Beat that perfectly translates the golden and past era of German trance from the early 90’s.
Some melodies might sound ‘naive’ I would say, but I think it portrays the sincerity and the happiness the artists put in their music.

‘Exit Lunar – One World’ is probably the one I cherish the most.

IMT07 – Underground Session : Space Torpedo

Another session of techno and trance ! I added some touch of acid and ambient to get a nice trippy atmosphere.
In our journey we will go through dark, metallic but sometimes airy notes, as if we are in deep space, aboard a machine.
We close this session with a super good remix of ‘Blade Runner (end title)’.

IMT06 – Sunny Vibes

Summer 2021 was not that sunny, here in Paris, rather grey and cool, so I’ve decided to bring up the sun by myself with this 6th episode.
The mix is packed with energic yet light melodies, it’s typically what you would have heard in clubs during 1998 ~ 2001.
We start with the ultra huge classic « Fragma – Toca Me », then we go for a 50min progressive trance session, filled with house vibes. We close the mix with a touch of soft melancholy.

IMT05 – Underground Session : Deep Dive

The 5th compilation is a nice blend of techno and early trance. Most of tracks come from the early days of trance, so the atmosphere is dark, « metallic » I would say. An image that comes to my mind when selecting the tracks was the engine chamber of a submarine (I’m fond of submarines). So keeping this image in mind, I tried to make a compilation that can translate this feeling of the deep, cold and mysterious undersea world.

The image cover might be familiar to you : it’s the Laughing Sawfish, the insignia of the German submarine U-96, made famous by the movie Das Boot (1981).

IMT04 – Whispers from Fallen Tribes

I wanted to make something that echoes the ancient civilizations, a forgotten sound, something tribal, haunting and mysterious. The mid part is slower, quieter, almost like the whisper of voices from the underworld, a whisper that grows more tangible until the heavy bassline of « Troubleshooter » announces the awakening of those forgotten tribes.

The presence of rare tracks completes the idea of distant tales.

IMT03 – Raving Hard in Berlin

This third compilation is exactly what you should expect from a club in the mid 90’s.
Super energic trance, filled with massive classics (« Outside World », « Café del Mar », « L’Esperanza »), there is even a quote from « Age of Love – The Age of Love ».

I’m especially fond of « T.L.T. – Kubik (Trance Mix) ».

IMT02 – On The Road at 3:00 AM 

Robert Miles wrote « Children » because he wanted « to create a track to end DJ sets, intended to calm rave attendants prior to their driving home as a means to reduce car accident deaths ». This is the main idea behind this second mix : to let you go home safely after a trancy night. Tracks were choosen for their dreamy, melancholic melodies, with an interlude of calm sounds (but not so much because you may fall asleep while driving, right ?). Then « Kamaya Painters – Far From Over » should give you a boost for the last half hour of driving. We close peacefully this set with a couple of downtempo tracks.

It’s a very cheerful mix, full of positives vibes.

IMT01 – Red Sun on Teotihuacan

This is where everything has begun.
In January 2021 I’ve discovered two sick tracks : « LDC – Abflug » and « LDC – Wir Schicken Dich Ins All ». The super dark atmosphere that comes out of those tracks mesmerized me so much that I felt the urge to create something around them, and that something was a compilation.
I am for a long time fascinated by the Aztec civilization (got a book about them when I was 11), and when I’ve listened to those two tracks, the vision of the Quetzalcoatl statue of the temple of Teotihuacan stroke me immediately. From that idea, I’ve built my compilation around psychedelic, dark and mystical sounds, keeping in mind the aztec culture and its shamanic ceremonies.

The mix itself is stacked of prestigious masterpieces from the golden era of trance. « The Age of Love », « Lunar Cycle », « Desire », « Firedance », « Power of American Natives », « Odyssey to Anyoona »… The feeling of trance, being in trance, has never been so close !